Episode 4: Groceries


Ryan and Will talk about groceries. Topics include: grocery chains, how to solve farmers markets, robots, social anxiety, body issues, frozen snacks, playing Supermarket Sweep, and much more.


Episode 3: IKEA Pt. 1


Will and Ryan tour the labyrinth of IKEA. In this episode, we cover the experience and play a quiz game. The stakes? One bag of delicious meatballs. Topics discussed today include: the IKEA minotaur, flat-pack engineering, lingonberries, ABBA, Sigur Ros, risky car trips, stabbings, and more. 


Episode 2: National Days


Will and Ryan talk about National Days. You might have noticed them in hashtags every day. Topics we cover include: how to decide on only one National Day per day, dolphins, history, Chase's calendar of events, ex spouses, Andy Rooney, and more.


Episode 1: Teeth


In this episode, Ryan and Will talk about teeth. Topics we discuss include: Dreams about tooth damage, getting your wisdom teeth out, water picks, having an experince become voided, Croenenberg, losing teeth as a child, Tooth gems, grills, Pica (disorder), teeth that grow out of tumors, tooth whitening, the braces conspiracy, Pete Weber, Wolverine, Subway.


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