Episode 10: Dressing


Guest Wendy Ratner joins Will and Ryan to talk about DRESSING. Topics include clothing, sauces for food, materials used to cover a wound, The Devil Wears Prada, weather reports, and more.


Episode 9: Conspiracy Pt. 1


With Special Guest Jeff Merloni, Will and Ryan talk about Conspiracies. We cover turning Saturn into a sun, new flat Earth, hollow Earth, rich people living forever, fluoride, and much more. Since we can't cover it all, Part 2 will expand on the topic.


Episode 8: Top 40


Special guests Max and Andrew from Desert Island Discourse join Will and Ryan to talk about their week of listening to only the TOP 40. Topics include the dark abyss, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, music production, why is Ed Sheerhan?, and much more.


Episode 7: Pets


Will and Ryan talk about pets. Topics include domestication, legal pets, illegal pets, PETA, feral animals, internet pets, cutest pets, the pet rock, and more.


Episode 6: Travel


Will and Ryan talk about TRAVEL. Topics include motion sickness, modes of travel, commuting, self-driving cars, public transportation, space travel, colonization, and more.


Episode 5: Placebo


Ryan and Will talk about the placebo effect. Topics include: elevators, loading screens, crystals, the nocebo effect, astrology, and way more.


Episode 4: Groceries


Ryan and Will talk about groceries. Topics include: grocery chains, how to solve farmers markets, robots, social anxiety, body issues, frozen snacks, playing Supermarket Sweep, and much more.


Episode 3: IKEA Pt. 1


Will and Ryan tour the labyrinth of IKEA. In this episode, we cover the experience and play a quiz game. The stakes? One bag of delicious meatballs. Topics discussed today include: the IKEA minotaur, flat-pack engineering, lingonberries, ABBA, Sigur Ros, risky car trips, stabbings, and more. 


Episode 2: National Days


Will and Ryan talk about National Days. You might have noticed them in hashtags every day. Topics we cover include: how to decide on only one National Day per day, dolphins, history, Chase's calendar of events, ex spouses, Andy Rooney, and more.


Episode 1: Teeth


In this episode, Ryan and Will talk about teeth. Topics we discuss include: Dreams about tooth damage, getting your wisdom teeth out, water picks, having an experince become voided, Croenenberg, losing teeth as a child, Tooth gems, grills, Pica (disorder), teeth that grow out of tumors, tooth whitening, the braces conspiracy, Pete Weber, Wolverine, Subway.


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