Episode 16: Human Maintenance


Will and Ryan talk about HUMAN MAINTENANCE. Topics include doctors, dentists, Lyme disease, lumosity, Elder Scrolls Online, reading, political responsibility, AXE body spray, and so much more.

Episode 15: Fast Food


Will and Ryan talk about FAST FOOD. Topics include what is fast food, E. coli, drive thrus, curbside to go, diners, burritos again, fast food salads, and more. Also we're out on Mondays now.

Episode 14: Eyes


Will and Ryan talk about EYES. Topics include third eyes, eye infections, Visine, deep mind, bionics, bitcoin, eye patches, sleep paralysis, and not Magic Eye.

Episode 13: Breaks Pt. 1


Will and Ryan talk about BREAKS. Topics include, bone breaks, Carmen Sandiego, relationship breaks, the internet, the break room, breaking fast, and burritos.

Episode 12: Names


Will and Ryan talk about NAMES. Topics include names for people, code names, pet names, machine learning, names for pets, Sand Dan, Andy Rooney, and more.

Episode 11: Summerfest


Will and Ryan talk about Summerfest. Topics include, county fairs, the eye of god, ID10T Fest, fried foods, summer beer, and much more. In this episode, we start a new opening update segment in which we talk about stolen jokes, Rhett and Link, Wired, John Oliver, and being tapped into the spirit world. 

Episode 10: Dressing


Guest Wendy Ratner joins Will and Ryan to talk about DRESSING. Topics include clothing, sauces for food, materials used to cover a wound, The Devil Wears Prada, weather reports, and more.

Episode 9: Conspiracy Pt. 1


With Special Guest Jeff Merloni, Will and Ryan talk about Conspiracies. We cover turning Saturn into a sun, new flat Earth, hollow Earth, rich people living forever, fluoride, and much more. Since we can't cover it all, Part 2 will expand on the topic.

Episode 8: Top 40


Special guests Max and Andrew from Desert Island Discourse join Will and Ryan to talk about their week of listening to only the TOP 40. Topics include the dark abyss, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, music production, why is Ed Sheerhan?, and much more.

Episode 7: Pets


Will and Ryan talk about pets. Topics include domestication, legal pets, illegal pets, PETA, feral animals, internet pets, cutest pets, the pet rock, and more.

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